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Can't get makeup right? I just want to touch up my face a little..I don't have extreme acne or anything..

but every now and then I get a cluster of pimples at the jaw line, and a few pop up here and there around my face. And my tone seems uneven. So, I tried the natural approach, like eating more spinach, and salmon and fresh juices and lemons and limes....it mde no difference that i could see. I dont wear makeup usually, but to make my skin look more even and to conceal the marks left by the cluster of pimples I get in the same spot every few months or so, I picked up some loose powder..(physicians Formula Mineral wear) i dont want that caked on look. And I got some of that yellow concealer for under eyes, and the green concealer for the marks. I followed the directions, and to me I just looked weird. Like a ghost. I used the translucent medium powder, which from checking around seemed right for my complexion which is slightly tanned naturally. Any Suggestions!Can't get makeup right? I just want to touch up my face a little..I don't have extreme acne or anything..
Virtual Makeover. It's free, super easy and fun. You can play with colors and find a look you will love. Then it shows you how to apply your new look. Just click http://marykay.com/mgunther2Can't get makeup right? I just want to touch up my face a little..I don't have extreme acne or anything..
you are who you are...you shouldnt worry bout it
When I have those random breakouts, I use Neutogena medicated concealer. It goes on light and it's medicated. I also use this great product by Mary Kay. They have this acne spot treatment that works great. First though I apply some hydrogen peroxide with q-tip to the area. this causes the pimple to kind of turn white and bubble up, but if you do it before bed and before a shower it really helps dry it up. then apply the acne spot treament. And if you are concerned about looking washed out try a bronzer, use a large blush brush and apply to the cheek, nose, chin, and forhead. Everyone tells me I have great skin, and people always think that I don't wear make-up. However, if you are going for the more natural cure try this mask. Put about 1/2 cup dry plain oatmeal in a blender. You don't want a powder just a fine chop, then squeeze half a lemon of juice, add some honey enought to make the mask a good consistency. It should be thick. Before you apply take a washcloth with hot water and lay it on your face to really open up the poors. Then spread the mask over the area or the whole face. Take that same wash cloth and put it over the mask on you face for about a minute, then remove it. Leave the mask on for about another 5 minutes, it will start to kind of harden and cool down. Then simply rinse it off, sometimes you have to kind of gently scrape it off your face, like with a spoon. But if leaves your skin feeling really soft and the lemon and oatmeal help pull all the junk out of your pours!!!
this one girl i was hooking up with had a picture of a girl's face with all the spots that needed makeup etc (it was pretty nuts, and i think it worked for her), you could prob find it if you search hard enough!!!
If your prone to getting pimples in the same spot the real solution is NOT to wear make up in that area. I understand you don't want the marks to show but make up will make it worse because of the oils in it (even mineral powders and hypo-allergenic formulas).

There's no instant way to fix this problem. I suggest you keep the spot clean at all times. Face washing is a must! But sometimes the soaps and astringints leave your face dry which causes you to wanna wear lotion....and this will only make it worse since lotion is prone to bringing out oil in skin. Instead of using lotion on your face after washing it use Ponds exfoliating skin wipes (or CVS brand). It's a great make up remover too but what's the best about it is it has vitamin E and aloe vera. The exfoliation will help with removing the uneven skin tones and the vitamin e will recharge your skin while the aloe vera will keep it soft so no need for lotion.

Trust me...it works! I've done it myself.
if i were you i would try going to sephora and asking them. they don't get commission so they're helpful but not pushy. they could probably help you out. they have bare escentuals there too which is a really awesome makeup that isn't supposed to clog your pores so it shouldn't make you break out. if you keep breaking out in the same spot do you think it could be cause you're always touching it? maybe your phone rests there or something?
you should try black radiance concealer it comes in all skin types and you can use it on the spots that you want to conceal and it works really great.
Try some bronzing powder or you can try a even out your complextion product such as Mary Kay's new Timewise skin essence.

Just a thought.
I used to have horrible acne! I tried everything and nothing seemed to worked. Until I discovered Witch Hazel! You can get a 16 oz. bottle in the pharmacy of wal-mart for like a buck-seventy! Since i've been using it i barely ever get a blemish! And to take care of those stupid little dark spots left behind, i started using Neutrogena Acne Mark Fading Peel, it is awesome!!!
Well what i do is i wash my face with clean and clear cream cleasner in the morning and at night. In the morning use a mosturizer with spf 15. At night was your face again and put neutrogena rapid clear acne eliminating spot gel then put on a thin layer of vaseline. No it wont break u out it keeps in moisture. It taks a while for the bumps and scars to go away since your skin cells die every 28 days. drink lots of water too!

Anyone know some futuristic makeup that's not too extreme for a pale face?

im looking for some dark makeup ideas that would look sort of futuristic of goth but i've done some before and when i look back at my pictures i look like an idiot, im not one for being in style or whatever but i really looked stupid like i was trying to attract someones attention in some weird way, i dunno i was 16 then and a doofus, but i have no idea what make up would look good with my style, gothAnyone know some futuristic makeup that's not too extreme for a pale face?
You should go for a bold mate kinda look. Sometimes this is hard to pull off but maybe you can. Just go for a dramatic look. Bold Eyeliners that make your eyes pop, dark shadows that complement your eyes also, dramatic blush to give it that bold daring look and red lip colors. I don't know what your skin tone is so its kind of hard to tell. But try something along those lines.Anyone know some futuristic makeup that's not too extreme for a pale face?
Try an extreme double winged cat eye.

Take a flat liner brush, and dip it in some water. Apply some black eyeshadow on it and create a cat eye. Pull it out a little longer then usual. Then, go over the cat eye, and draw another cat eye that is connected to the first. Then, go over both cat eyes with liquid or pencil liner.

A great idea is to try to different colors for a fun futuristic look. Stick with black for a more goth appeal. Or, for a mix of both, I suggest buying MAC silver pigment or some glitter from Make Up For Ever and coating each black cat eye with some.
futuristic? add silver shimmer maybe?

Dior Skin Forever Extreme Wear Flawless Makeup or Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Liquid Makeup?

im 16 years old, with a moderate to low level of acne. i've had acne for about 5 years now and i haven't really used any type of foundation to cover it up. i've got a wedding coming up (at the end of June) where i want to go with flawless skin: no acne scars, oily skin or spots showing through. ive researched both these foundation on the net and got some info about them from a friend too, but i want know which of the two i should go for.

if you can recommend any other foundations, that would be soo help full!!

Thank YouDior Skin Forever Extreme Wear Flawless Makeup or Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Liquid Makeup?
not trying to be mean...but you have a few months to work on the problem...you can't ';cover' it up...so i would invest in some proactive-it really does work...anywayzzzzz..both those foundations are good...the EL will provide better coverage...but both are really light foundations-you can go to a dept. store and actually try them both and see which one is better for you......or maybe they can suggest something else for you.....(personally i do not like the MAC the poster above suggested)Dior Skin Forever Extreme Wear Flawless Makeup or Estee Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Liquid Makeup?
Both of them give you a luminous very dewy gorgeous look but dont cover much. Foundations that give you this look attract attention with the lighting to scars and such. Go for a more matt look like, the MAC Studio Fix Fluid. Great at covering! OR if you want a dewy look make sure to use a MATT concealer beffore you use the DIOR founation.

Return the favor?



Makeup remover for gosh extreme liner (UK answers ONLY!!!)?

UK answers only - I just bought the GOSH's extreme art liner and i dont have a clue what to use to remove it. its sooooo hard to remove. i dont like to use olive oil all the time to remove it. what effective but not too expensive remover should i get? Makeup remover for gosh extreme liner (UK answers ONLY!!!)?
white spirit if u dont care what your skin looks like afterMakeup remover for gosh extreme liner (UK answers ONLY!!!)?
i find that simple is one of the cheapest and best removers and they have a huge collection for oily, dry and sensitive skin...sooo many things to choose from so i would suggest that....

or a lil more expensive you can use Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover from the Body Shop its 拢7.50 tis good

or here is a list of many make up removers which have reviews and compares prices so you can decide for yourself hehe!


hope i helped


*Baby Oil?


*Most oil based products like creams/potions.

*Most baby wipes work.

*Bodycare sells eyemakeup remover pads in little tubs for 79p for like 15.

I personally find that vaseline and baby oil work best for me. But Lush Cosmetics Company does a multi use cleanser called Ultrabland that is fab.
Super drug do 'make up remover and skin cleansing wipes' they're on offer at the mo 99p a pack. They remove even waterproof mascara and come in sensitive too for delicate eyes. They're in the skin care aisle and are in blue for sensitive or yellow for chamomile packets. I swear by them, much better than olay or johnson's.
I use Garnier Skin Naturals Clean %26amp; Soft Complete Cleansing Milk Dry %26amp; Sensitive and it costs about 拢2.50 from boots, superdrug etc, best one ive used, it's for eye makeup as well and removes it so well without irrititating the skin or pulling hairs out
Baby oil is the most cost effective water-proof makeup remover according to my wife.
I use a waterproof makeup remover cream from the Body Shop with Cotton balls to remove my makeup.

it works really well and moisture's as well.

its about 拢4 for a tube, but lasts for ages.

I use Johnsons 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Wipes. Removes all sorts of make-up even waterproof mascara. Before I got Johnsons, I just used good old Tesco Value Baby Wipes, they don't sting either =)
i wear quite a lot of eye makeup and i always use simple eye make up remover! its cheap, it doenst sting and it gets ever last trace off!
Baby oil!

Johnson %26amp; Johnson PH 5.5 Gentle Eye Makeup Removal Pads is great ^__^
jhonsons baby oil is always good
Lush Ultrabland. It'll take anything off.
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  • Extreme Humidity tips for Hair/Makeup?

    I live in Georgia where the humidity is out of control. My school is pretty much out side. we have breezeways as hallways %26amp; you pretty much have to go outside to get to any class. At school my hair always gets soooo frizzy! And my faces gets so greasy and oily ( i usually do not have an oily skin type) which causes my makeup to run. how can i control this?Extreme Humidity tips for Hair/Makeup?
    A lot of hairspray or mousse..haha. And I would go as sheer as possible on the foundation or better yet..no foundation and just use powder. Otherwise your makeup is just gonna melt off!

    Good makeup for extreme humidity. please help!?

    I will be spending a month in the Yucatan, Mexico in July. Temp stays between 85-105 and humidity also up to the 80% range. I'm looking for a sheer foundation (CoverGirl used to make one that I loved but not anymore...urrrr) that won't look heavy but will stay on. Also, any suggestions of mascara, eyeliner or anything else that has lasted for you in similar weather. Any suggestions welcome. Thanks!Good makeup for extreme humidity. please help!?
    For eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara .. try this:


    She-Laq will keep your makeup on allllll day! Use with waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara. I use Dior Waterproof eyeliner and DiorShow waterproof mascara. Though any eyeliner underneath She-Laq will work fine.

    I also agree that you should try out some mineral makeup. Bare Minerals is great, I love it .. there is also Youngblood, Arbonne and Everyday Minerals.

    Here are some loose powders: http://www.sephora.com/browse/section.jh鈥?/a>

    A makeup primer will help keep your makeup on ALL day:


    Smash Box Primer is one of the best! I'm actually going out to buy it this weekened.

    Before you buy anything and want to read reviews on a product go to http://www.makeupalley.com

    Have fun!Good makeup for extreme humidity. please help!?
    i live in indonesia where humid is crazy... switch foundation with tinted moisturizer with SPF... use long lasting concealer for blemishes (laura mercier secret camouflage lasts long)...

    switch powder products with cream or gel based.. for example, use gel/cream blush instead of powder blush (gel is better for oilier skins and cream is better for drier skin).. use cream shadow instead of powder ones or use your cream blush as eyeshadow for monochromatic look..

    switch into waterproof mascara.. i swear by ANY of l'ancome's waterproof mascara.. they really really do last..

    also switch into waterproof, sweatproof, smudgeproof eyeliner.. MAC's powerpoint eyeliner is a good splurge.. for something cheaper, Styli-Style 24/7 is good.. or urban decay eye liners are also good esp for their range of colors!

    for lips, tinted lip balm with SPF gives color and protection from the sun!
    The other girls have it covered according to foundation, so I will just suggest you leave the eyeliner off as it will run and look horrible. Wear a nice waterproof mascara, something from CoverGirl. And have fun!
    everything from bare minerals is really good
    foundation melts off my skin in the summer.

    this summer so far, i've been using:

    physicians formula loose mineral makeup. it's about 12 dollars and it comes with a neat little professional-looking brush.

    bronzer on my cheeks. (maybelline)

    one coat of mascara. two if it isn't as hot outside.(i use wet 'n wild 'cuz it's only about 3-4 dollars)

    chapstick/and or lipgloss.(personal fave is bonne bell lipgloss, it's yummy)
    Bare Minerals. Their foundation and mineral veil work wonders, you can use their liner shadows with an eyeliner brush and their weather everything sealant to create great waterproof liner. Mascara, I would reccomend covergirl lash exact or l'oreal telescopic.
    Loose the heavy foundation..

    Mineral makeup is the it thing now. It gives you a nice and natural coverage but less of that makeupy feeling. Try Bare Minerals from Bare Escentuals. You can sample at Sephora's.

    You could also use a good oil control lotion or primer, concealer, and a good loose powder..

    Most brandname eyeshadows are good but they wear off in time. If you want longwear, invest in primers for the eyes and the lashes. Primers are creams or conditioners that you apply before the main makeup. The makeup holds onto the prime to give you longer wear.

    Hope this helps....

    Mac Cosmetics is a great brand, you can find at Nordstroms.
    I live in a humidity area, and right now the temp is around 100+, I usually use MAC cosmetics you can buy it online or at Nordstrom!
    Try mineral makeup, like Bare Escentuals. It stays on in the heat, I know that. Neutrogena makes mineral makeup, too, and it works really well. Both brands have eye shadows and blush. Lots of companies are making it now, but those are the ones I've tried. Bare Escentuals also has a mascara and some really good lip colors...you can get it on the QVC website. Mineral makeup is easy to use, looks great, and stays where you put it...all day...without streaking or rubbing off. Good luck.

    Extreme punk makeup for a fancy dress?

    Im going as a punk to a fancy dress party. I know what im wearing but i need some ideas for my makeup. please dont tell me to just wear black eyeliner i want an extreme look! If you could give me a link to a photo of the look it would be really helpful

    thanx Extreme punk makeup for a fancy dress?

    No...forget black liner! Experiment with color...it's much more fun.

    If I were you, I'd go out and buy false lashes to make the look even more dramatic.

    As far as colour, you can experiment by rimming your eyes with colors like



    neon blue and green:


    a bunch of colors..



    You can also experiment with textures, like glitter and shimmer and metallics. That can look really awesome and really, really extreme! Once more, top it with the false lashes.


    You could go for animal print if you're daring...



    You can top the look with actual face paint, which is really extreme...paired with super dramatic eye makeup this can make your look awesome for your party.

    For example :


    Just have fun with it, and go full out!


    Annaliese, xxxxxx

    Extreme punk makeup for a fancy dress?

    just did a utube seach for punk make up, loads came up


    have fun at the party : )